Sunny (Roxy x Drummer)


Parents: Roxy x Drummer
Born: September 10, 2017
Gender: Male
Color / Markings: Liver & White
Images: Images
Additional Details:

Sunny has a great personality for both an active family or a single hunter. He is friendly towards other dogs. When working in packs, he presents natural backing instinct. He has the opportunity to work multiple birds weekly. He’s a closer working dog, but works the cover hard. Sunny is steady to flush (point and hold until you flush the bird) and he shows good natural retrieving ability.

For a Shorthair, Sunny has a stocky build, is big boned, and has a larger head. Sunny, similar to his litter mates, always enjoys pleasing and strives for attention. Sunny is collar conditioned, with a strong foundation in: Woah, Here, Heel, Kennel/Place. He’s starting to work on stop to flush, and off lead heeling.

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