Ruger (Allie x Tug)


Parents: Allie x Tug
Born: June 27, 2017
Gender: Male
Weight: 54 lbs
Height: 23"
Color / Markings: Liver & White / Patched & Ticked
Images: Images
Additional Details:

Ruger is a solid hunting dog. Ruger is a young netuered male and has been trained for basic obedience and whoa, here, heel and kennel. Ruger also heels off lead.  He has been collar conditioned, exposed to birds and is steady to wing. He would make a great grouse dog with a lot of point and a lot of back. He'd love to stand around and point all day. He has great search and close to medium range, depending how you handle him. He doesn't need a lot of collar pressure and handles easily. He is really sweet and very obedient and would be great for a family with kids.

Ruger is a littermate to our young stud, Grouser, and one of our young females, Millie (all from Allie x Tug). We are very excited to carry this lineage forward as we have seen a lot of ability from a young age. These dogs have lots of style and a great demeanor. 

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