Ripley (Roxy x Drummer)


Born: September 10, 2017
Gender: Male
Color / Markings: Black & White
Images: Images
Additional Details:

Ripley’s appearance resembles a large frame male with a big block head. He would be ideal for the casual foot hunter. Ripley has a great personality that will also be a good addition to the family home. He shows a good natural retrieve, and potential as an upland and waterfowl shorthair. His temperament and energy level is not too high or low. He does not show dominant behavior.

Ripley is collar conditioned. He has a strong obedience training in: Woah, Here, Heel, & Kennel. Being a closer hunter he works the cover hard, but searches close. He has a solid bird drive to go with his strong nose, points well and backs. He is always willing to please and looking for attention. Ripley also has a lot of retrieve. 

(Previously known as Roxy x Drummer male 4)

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