Meadow (Diva x Drummer)


Parents: Diva x Drummer
Born: August 31, 2017
Gender: Female
Weight: 48 lbs
Height: 21"
Color / Markings: Liver & White
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Additional Details:

Meadow is a young, spayed female. She is very smart and catches on to things really quickly. She has a natural retrieve and is one of the first dogs to get out and back with the retrieve. In a 6 dog pack, she is the one that consistently retrieves almost every time. She does really well pointing and backing. She'd make a good upland and waterfowl dog. She is steady to wing, stops to flush with a little bit of handling.  She is collar conditioned to whoa, here, heel and kennel. Her range can be handled by tone, followed by continuous on the collar and she moves with you. Meadow is an easy handling dog.


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