Gotta love a good beagle.

We have several male pups available for free(!) from Maple x Wingman and Bailey x King Kaboom. Contact us via email if you are interested in getting a pup from one of these litters. No fee, priority to families with kids who want to hunt rabbits. These pups have been started on cottontails and are up-to-date on shots. 

About the litters

Branko's Maple Run x Willow Creek's Wingman - Born 2/15/18 - 2 females & 3 males 

Link to Pictures of Maple x Wingman

  • About Maple -   
    • Sire: Ft.Ch. Branko’s MTM / Dam: Branko’s Martini on the Rocks 
    • We bought Maple from Banko's Beagles in Canada. Branko's has some of the best beagles in the world. At about 14", she is a very good cottontail and hare dog. We find ourselves running more cottontails in our area and less hares as they are becoming more sparse. Some of our other dogs may reach a little, but Maple is great at keeping her line and staying on the rabbit keeping the pack on track. Maple is very sweet, affectionate and happy and we enjoy her as part of our little beagle pack.
  • About Wingman - 
    • Wingman is out of WC's Beagle Bailey and Oakridge Beagle's Sam of Willow Creek (Snow Run Hurley II x Fieldstone Kazoo) - Owned by Chad Kulus
    • Wingman is powerful, usually in the front of the pack. He's fast and strong and shows leadership. He is excellent at running hare and does well on cottontails. He's a very consistent beagle. 


Willow Creek's Beagle Bailey x Green Bay King Kaboom - Born 2/19/18 (5 females/4 males)

Link to pictures of Bailey x King Kaboom

  • Bailey >
    • Sire: FC Glacier Ridge Renegade / Dam: Natures Newborn Jodee
    • Bailey is about 16"
  • King Kaboom >
    • Sire: NLPC/IFC Green Bay Paw King / Dam: FCLP Green Bay Hunt-Em-Up Jill (Owner at the time of mating: Joe Kuklenski)

      Green Bay King KaBoom


Beagle DepositBeagle Puppy


This non-refundable deposit is for a Beagle puppy. Willow Creek places puppies by order of deposit and by matching litters / characteristics to your requirements. Once a deposit is placed we will contact you and collect more information on your desired attributes in puppy.