Standard Pricing for the 2015 Season:

  • Pheasant- $20 per rooster
  • Hungarian Partridge – $20 per bird
  • Chukar – $16 per bird
  • Quail – $12 per bird
  • Guide Fee – $60

We intensively manage our property for pheasants, ruffed grouse and woodcock. We live trap year round for raccoons and skunks to provide the best nesting environment we can. Our hunting operation has year-round management, providing our hunters with truly wild experience. The setting is a farm founded in 1893, which goes back 6 generations in Chad’s family. The land has evolved from Grandpa’s dairy and beef farm to Dad’s wildlife management to Willow Creek’s intensive wildlife management.

Our cover is designed for Pointers and Flushers. Good portions of the cover we hunt are fields which have not been farmed for twenty years.  With young aspen, willow brush, and many other pioneer species beginning to take hold, this makes great cover for the birds.

We have planted fruit bearing shrubs and pines which also provide food value and winter cover.

We have removed almost all the perch trees from the property to make predation for Avian Predators more difficult. This also stimulates pioneer species, mainly aspen, to regenerate. This is ideal ruffed grouse and woodcock habitat, and offers our upland hunters an opportunity at ruffed grouse, woodcock and pheasant all in the same day. The pheasants also utilize the brushy areas we have created.

Our Pheasant Hunts are roosters only.  We have a good population of wild pheasants established, and passing on the hens is a very important part of our management plan.